About Us


KMC Solutions USA (KMCS) provides unique, all inclusive, end to end offshore build-out solutions to US Enterprises desiring to establish their own dedicated teams and operations in the Philippines. Previously called “Captive Operations”, and also known as “Shared Service Centers”, the primary terminology now used by the industry is “Global In-house Center” or GIC.

For the Enterprise looking to take advantage of this unique service delivery model and all of the advantages it has to offer, the Philippines is the premier location in the world, and KMCS is your premier GIC partner in the Philippines.

KMCS’ services cover the comprehensive set of required functions for a US Enterprise to build a highly efficient, quality oriented, cost competitive GIC. Founded by a team of industry experts with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience required in key functional areas such as Consulting, Healthcare BPO Services, Real Estate, IT, HR and Legal, there is no better partner in the Philippines.

Composed of a cross-cultural team of Filipinos, Americans, Australians, and Europeans who collaborate using years of industry and in-country experience, KMCS is positioned to guarantee a successful operational build out. We have assisted hundreds of companies to transition their services and establish their businesses in the Philippines.


KMCS’ Vision to aide US Enterprises in performance improvement and competitive positioning through the establishment of direct GIC operations in the Philippines.


Enabling our clients to efficiently grow their operations by building a customized, world class operational center in the Philippines
Establishing a legal entity for our clients that takes advantage of all the incentives and benefits the Philippines has to offer
Recruiting, hiring, training and retaining the best available talent and aiding in their continued professional growth and development
Providing a high quality environment and operational infrastructure to our clients an their employees
Serving as the leading advocate of and communicating the benefits of the offshore GICmodel and contributing to the continued development of the Philippines

The KMC Solutions Group of Companies

The KMC Group of Companies, with their expertise and assistance, offer the Philippines only turn key, end to end solution, all under one umbrella, in providing assistance to companies setting up their GIC.