Clinton Marsh

Clinton Marsh – Chief Technology Officer

Clinton Marsh is the Chief Technology Officer wherein he oversees and assists senior management and clients to identify, quantify and manage end-to-end operational risks. He is responsible for vital operations of KMC Solutions such as the KMC Network Operations Center (NOC), operational planning, and customer systems integration among others. He also assures that technical operations risk frameworks are in place providing adherence to external auditing entities.

Prior to joining KMC Solutions, Clint worked for tech giants Apple Inc. and Google Inc. where he managed projects involving global network engineering. In the same field, Clint also worked for T-Mobile and SBC Communications supporting digital network infrastructure. Clint also has international experience during his stint in Access Node Communications having been assigned in South Korea and the Philippines. While working abroad, he was the Network Services Manager wherein he was responsible for day-to-day operations, development of trouble management systems, and the development & training of those under the Offshore Leadership program.


Clinton Marsh
Chief Technology Officer