What is GIC

What is GIC?

For years, many enterprises have utilized an offshore delivery model for a variety of their services. The vast majority of organizations initially tested offshoring through a contract with a 3rd party offshore BPO, and many still have agreements with one or more such providers. Although most have experienced positive results, many are shifting to a Global In-house Center to take advantage of the model’s greater benefits.

Key Benefits of the GIC Model:

  • End to End Control of Full Cycle Service Delivery
  • Enable Advanced or Mission Critical Core Services
  • Significant Cost savings compared to Domestic or 3rd party BPO Delivery Models
  • Control of Confidential IP and Processes
  • Internally Implement and Integrate Robotic Process Automation
  • Improve Access to and Retention of High Quality Skilled Talent
  • Direct Control of Risk and Regulatory Compliance

According to Everest Group, their research showed that in 2015, the global sourcing market crossed the US $160 billion mark. The Global In-house Center (GIC), model accounted for 25% or US $38-42 billion of the global offshore services market with the Philippines as a premier destination.

Many well known enterprises have selected the Philippines as the preferred location for their GIC. Companies such as ADP, Coca Cola, Cannon, UnitedHealth Group, Safeway, Chevron and many others have successfully operated their GIC out of different locations in the Philippines for years.

List of other existing GICs in the Philippines