Why the Philippines


Premier GIC Destination

  • Abundant labor force of 41+ million people (GDP of $230 Billion)
  • In 2015, offshoring industry employed over 1 Million specialists
  • In 2016, offshoring industry targeting $25 Billion in revenues
  • Healthcare offshoring segment has 87,000 workers and 30% growth rate
  • 3rd largest English-speaking country in the world with minimal accents
  • 500,000+ western oriented English speaking college graduates per year
  • Affinity with US culture
  • Customer service orientation
  • Highly talented and educated workforce
  • Cost effective


Cost Advantage Vs. Other Locations

  • Professional labor costs among lowest levels in the world
  • Strong government support
  • Government tax incentives (BOI & PEZA)
  • Predictable and manageable inflation
  • Excellent banking infrastructure


Excellent Infrastructure

  • Lowest rental rates in the region
  • High-quality real estate
  • Reliable, redundant, low-cost telecom and utility infrastructure
  • Dedicated IT parks
  • KMC Solutions has multiple premium facilities


Commitment to Healthcare

  • Worldwide leader in offshore healthcare services
  • Leading destination for healthcare services since 2002
  • 200+ accredited nursing schools
  • Experience in multiple healthcare specialties
  • AAPC certified coding training programs
  • Significant RCM destination